Thu. Nov 30th, 2023



EU Auditors criticise increase of EU agencies’ procurement errors

Some EU agencies did not manage last year’s finances as well as in previous years, according to the European Court of Auditors. In its annual report on the 43 EU agencies that is published today, the auditors again signed off the agencies’ 2022 accounts and revenue, but were not in a position to issue a clean opinion to four agencies about the way they spent EU funds.

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Frozen Russian assets: A long-term solution for Ukraine’s funding needs

One of MEPs’ key demands is that assets from the Russian Federation or other entities or individuals directly connected with Russia’s war of aggression be used to reconstruct Ukraine. Parliament strengthened the provisions on the fight against fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest and irregularities in the use of EU funds in Ukraine. Companies under oligarchic influence should not be eligible for funding, MEPs added.

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Boosting recovery: EU Commission releases €2.76bn to Romania

Today’s payment of €2.76 billion in grants and loans was made possible by Romania’s fulfilment of 49 milestones and targets linked to the second instalment. They cover key reforms in the areas of the green and digital transition, such as the adoption of the decarbonisation law and the entry into force of the law for the governance of cloud services deployed in the public sector. Romania has also put forward reforms to improve its public policy

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Ukraine: EU Commission pays a further €1.5bn in assistance

This support will help Ukraine to continue paying wages and pensions, and keep essential public services running, such as hospitals, schools, and housing for relocated people. It will also allow Ukraine to ensure macroeconomic stability and restore critical infrastructure destroyed by Russia in its war of aggression, such as energy infrastructure, water systems, transport networks, roads and bridges.

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EU Commission pays a further €1.5bn in assistance to Ukraine

The Commission has today paid €1.5 billion under the  Macro-financial Assistance + package for Ukraine worth up to €18 billion. With this instrument, the EU seeks to help Ukraine cover its immediate funding needs, with stable, predictable, and sizeable financial support in 2023. With today’s payment, Ukraine has so far received €12 billion this year under Macro-financial Assistance +.

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NATO Innovation Fund closes on EUR 1bn flagship fund

Twenty-three NATO Allies have officially become Limited Partners of the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF), which is preparing to make its initial investments later this year. The Participating Allies have also welcomed Sweden’s interest to join the NIF. Sweden’s participation will take effect upon its accession to the North Atlantic Treaty.

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Bundesfinanzminister veröffentlicht Empfänger des Aufbau- und Resilienzplans

In dieser Liste finden Sie die 100 Empfänger, die in Deutschland die höchsten Beträge zur Ausführung von Maßnahmen im Rahmen der Aufbau- und Resilienzfazilität (ARF) erhalten haben. Alle EU-Mitgliedstaaten sind – im Sinne der Transparenz der Verwendung von Mitteln – verpflichtet, diese Angaben zu veröffentlichen. Sie werden zweimal jährlich aktualisiert (Stand der Daten: 31. Dezember 2022).

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