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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 28 November 2023

UN Explainer: What’s COP28 and why is it important? +++ Remarks by EU Commissioner Simson at the European Parliament’s ITRE Committee +++ IAEA at COP28: Nuclear Solutions for a Net Zero Future +++ Energiewirtschaft im Wandel: Zahlen zu Emissionen und Ausgaben rund um den Klimaschutz – BMUB +++ Can the stakes of COP28 live up to the expectations of civil society? – Florence School of Regulation +++ CLIMATE STATE AID: EU Commission approves

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 27 November 2023

CCUS: New policy and business approaches are needed to support scaling up of CCUS to help reach net zero goals +++ Keynote speech by EU Commissioner Simson at the Carbon capture, utilisation and storage Forum +++ COP28: Hopes for a sustainable planet must not ‘melt away’: Guterres +++ EDF Obs’COP 2023: Climate Change: World Opinion Faces up to Contradictions.

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Bolivia: France participates in the fight against forest fires

France expresses its full solidarity with the Bolivian people and authorities in the face of the ongoing forest fires that began several weeks ago, especially in the Amazon, and stands with them in the fight against these wildfires. A few days away from the COP28 in Dubai, these wildfires demonstrate once again the urgent need to take action to tackle the challenges of climate change and environmental threats, in particular

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 24 November 2023

EU – CANADA: EU and Canada forge Green Alliance for closer cooperation +++ EU-Canada Summit 2023 – Joint Statement +++ Statement by President von der Leyen at the joint press conference with President Michel and Prime Minister Trudeau following the EU-Canada Summit +++ UNFCCC: Boosting Climate Transparency and Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration in Asia-Pacific

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 23 November 2023

UNFCCC: Early climate reporting shows countries’ commitment to transparency +++ Bruegel: COP28 – key issues at stake and indicators of success +++ CLEAN AIR: Keynote speech by Executive Vice-President Šefčovič at the EU Clean Air Forum +++ JUST TRANSITION: EU Parliament calls for protection of jobs and workers’ rights in the just transition +++ NET-ZERO: EU Commission opens €4 billion call for proposals for net-zero technologies under the Innovation Fund

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EU and Canada forge Green Alliance for closer cooperation

Today, the EU and Canada have established a Green Alliance at a bilateral Summit in St John’s, Newfoundland. The Alliance will strengthen political, technical, economic and scientific cooperation between these two like-minded partners. It covers climate action, environmental and ocean protection, the clean energy transition, green industrial transformation, research and innovation and climate and biodiversity finance.

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EU Council approves 2022 international climate finance figures

The Council approved the figures today, in preparation for the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28), which will take place from 30 November to 12 December in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The figures are based on the EU climate finance reporting rules laid down in the governance regulation.

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 22 November 2023

UNFCCC: Powering climate action through Earth observations technology +++ CLIMATE RISKS: 2022 was the second-worst year for wildfires, a warning from a changing climate +++ EU COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION on the financing of the annual action plan in favour of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands for 2023

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2022 was the second-worst year for wildfires, a warning from a changing climate

In 2022, nearly 900 000 ha of land burnt in the EU, according to the new report Forest Fires in Europe, Middle East and North Africa 2022, published today by the Commission’s Joint Research Centre. This corresponds to roughly the size of Corsica. Since monitoring through the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) started in 2000, 2022 is the second-worst year – the worst being 2017 with 1.3 million ha of burnt land.

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 21 November 2023

COP28: IEA Data tool gives fine-grained view of climate vulnerabilities in the energy system and beyond +++ MEPs want to end all subsidies for fossil fuel globally by 2025 +++ Carbon removals: Parliament wants EU certification scheme to boost uptake +++ EU Parliament backs new rules to reduce air pollution from trucks and buses +++ S&D: European Parliament takes decisive step towards stricter CO₂ standards for heavy-duty vehicles +++ ECR

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 20 November 2023

UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2023 +++ UNFCCC: Advancing Gender-Responsive Climate Action: Policy Brief Reveals Progress and Challenges +++ COP28: Opening remarks by Commissioner Hoekstra during COP28 debate in the European Parliament +++ The EIB at COP28 +++ EU Commission approves amendments to Spanish State aid scheme, including €5.61 billion budget increase, to compensate energy-intensive companies for indirect emission costs +++ Net Zero Industry Act: boosting clean technologies in Europe.

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Bahrain: Second EU-Bahrain Political Dialogue takes place in Manama

In addition to the political consultations, the two sides convened the two Senior Officials (SOM) working groups meetings on trade and global affairs. In this framework, the EU and Bahrain held in-depth, technical discussions on economic diversification; green transition and climate; development cooperation and humanitarian aid; education; research; innovation and space cooperation; and security and counterterrorism.

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COP28: MEPs want to end all subsidies for fossil fuel globally by 2025

The resolution calls for an end of all direct and indirect fossil fuel subsidies, at national, EU and global levels, “as soon as possible and by 2025 the latest”. MEPs also support a global target to triple renewable energy and double energy efficiency by 2030, together with a tangible phasing out of fossil fuels as soon as possible, and halting all new investments in fossil fuel extraction.

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 17 November 2023

The EBA publishes final templates to collect climate-related data from EU banks +++ Readout of the meeting between EU Commissioner for Climate Action and China’s Special Envoy on Climate Change +++ Net-Zero Industry Act: press conference +++ Climate neutrality: EU Council ready to start talks with Parliament on EU carbon removals certification framework

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 16 November 2023

Notice of provisional EU ETS 2024 auction volume of general and aviation allowances +++ CBAM: Remarks by Commissioner Hoekstra at the event ‘The EU’s Carbon-Border Adjustment Mechanism for Climate Policy, and Implications for Chinese Companies’ +++ CO₂ emission performance standards and reporting obligations for new heavy-duty vehicles +++ Carbon removals: extra measures to reach climate neutrality.

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Climate: EU Council ready to negotiate on EU carbon removals 

Today the Council adopted its negotiating mandate for talks with the European Parliament on a proposal to establish the first EU-level certification framework for carbon removals. This voluntary framework aims to facilitate and speed up the deployment of high-quality carbon removal activities in the EU, resulting in an unambiguous positive climate impact, while fighting greenwashing.

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 15 November 2023

COP 28: COP28 President-Designate welcomes US – China Agreement+++EP Think Tank: COP28 climate change conference in Dubai+++EP Think Tank: The COP28 climate talks [What Think Tanks are thinking]+++METHANE EMISSIONS: EU Commission welcomes deal on first-ever EU law to curb methane emissions in the EU and globally+++Climate action: EU Council and Parliament reach deal on new rules to cut methane emissions in the energy sector

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 14 November 2023

New Analysis of National Climate Plans: Insufficient Progress Made, COP28 Must Set Stage for Immediate Action +++ Close the climate ambition gap – UN chief ahead of COP28 +++ State of Climate Action report finds progress lags on every measure except EV sales – Climate Action Tracker +++ EU Commissioner Hoekstra visits China for climate discussions ahead of COP28 +++ NGO-Presseseminar zur Weltklimakonferenz COP28 +++ The Education for Climate Day

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EU deal: Cutting methane emissions for climate action

The regulation introduces new requirements for the oil, gas and coal sectors to measure, report and verify methane emissions, as well as put in place mitigation measures to avoid such emissions, including detecting and repairing methane leaks and limiting venting and flaring. It also puts forward global monitoring tools to ensure transparency on methane emissions from imports of oil, gas and coal into the EU.

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 13 November 2023

UNFCCC: Asia Pacific Climate Week 2023 launches in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, showcasing regional commitment to climate action+++.COP28: At special forum of G20 Presidency COP28 President frames climate action as opportunity for growth and calls on the world to “unite, act and deliver” to keep 1.5 within reach, while leaving no one behind+++Joint Statement by Commissioner for Climate Action and the COP28 President Designate

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 10 November 2023

UNFCCC: Enhancing Climate Transparency in Latin America and the Caribbean +++ GREEN DEAL
EU Commission approves €1.7 billion Italian State aid scheme under the Recovery and Resilience Facility to support agrivoltaic installations +++ CLIMATE RESILIENCE: EU to support Barbados in upgrading climate resilient infrastructure for clean water under Global Gateway +++ Carbon Taxing Can Put Faltering Clean-Energy Ventures Back on Track – Carbon Tax Center +++ EARTH OBSERVATION: Le lancement des pôles

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