Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Brussels, 24 March 2023

Gas and hydrogen package

Ministers will seek a general approach on the gas and hydrogen package, which includes a proposal for a directive and a proposal for a regulation on common internal market rules for renewable and natural gases and hydrogen.

The proposals seek to facilitate the penetration of renewable and low-carbon gases into the energy system, enabling a shift away from natural gas and to allow for these new gases to play their role towards the goal of EU climate neutrality in 2050.

Gas demand reduction

EU energy ministers will seek a political agreement on a proposal to extend a Council regulation on a voluntary reduction of natural gas demand by 15% ahead of winter.

Under the proposal, the voluntary 15% gas demand reduction target would be maintained until March 2024.

Electricity market design

Ministers will hold a first policy debate on a proposal to revise the EU electricity market design.

The proposal aims to make the EU energy market more resilient and stable, to shield consumers and companies from short-term electricity price volatility, and to drive investments into renewable energies.

The purpose of the debate is to give guidance to further work on the proposal within the Council.

Other business

Under any other business, the Commission will update ministers on winter preparedness and Denmark will provide information on the nature restoration regulation.

Greece will provide information on the electricity grid.

Source – EU Council

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