Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Brussels, 16 March 2023

The Commission committed to launch in 2023 an EU Fertilisers Market Observatory. Today, the Commission published the call for applications with a view to formally launch the group of experts before summer 2023. The call is open until 4 April.

This new observatory will be modelled after the market observatories already in place for several agricultural sectors, notably milk, crops, and fruit and vegetables. Organisations representing stakeholders of at least 10 EU Member States and active within the EU in the fertiliser supply chains are invited to apply. The observatory, chaired by DG AGRI, will be composed of up to 20 members appointed for a period of five years. It will, among other tasks, provide first-hand information, including data, about the fertiliser market’s situation, as well as factors affecting it, and exchange experiences and good practices.

Fertilisers play a significant role for food security. Following Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, global food security and food prices are being impacted by a general mineral fertiliser and energy crisis. In that context, the European Commission presented at the end of last year a wide range of actions and guidance to tackle immediate challenges as well as reduce our dependencies. Reinforcing the resilience and sustainability of our food systems in the medium and long-term must be achieved while securing yields.

More information is available in this news item.

Source – EU Commission

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