Mon. Feb 6th, 2023


Parliament’s Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age (AIDA) is leading a horizontal debate on AI which will feed into Parliament’s work on the file.

As the European Commission published a legal framework for AI, AIDA Chair Dragoș Tudorache (Renew Europe, RO) welcomed the proposal on Wednesday.

“The Commission has put forth an ambitious and far-reaching proposal. It is clearly and unequivocally centered around protecting European citizens and their rights, and it provides some much-needed initial clarity on what is and what is not allowed in artificial intelligence” Dragos Tudorache said.

“This is a first of its kind proposal, globally, and it is likely to have a strong influence on the worldwide development of AI. In Parliament, we now need to act on two fronts. First, we need to reduce any unnecessary burden on startups, SMEs, and industry so that AI can be unleashed to its full economic potential and offer clarity of rules and of process so our business and industry can thrive” he said.

“Even more importantly, we need to work on strengthening the protection of our citizens and of their rights, in relationship to private entities, but also in relationship to the use and deployment of AI technology by states and public authorities” he added.

Next steps

The European Parliament and the Member States will debate and vote on the Commission’s proposals on a European approach for Artificial Intelligence and on Machinery Products in the ordinary legislative procedure. Once adopted, the Regulations will be directly applicable across the EU.

Background – AIDA committee

Running until March 2022, the AIDA committee’s mandate is to taking a horizontal approach on AI, analysing its future impact on the EU economy, focusing on, for example, skills, employment, education, health, transport, environment, industry, e-government, and third-country approaches to AI.

To achieve its objectives, the Committee’s Members organise hearings and workshops with key stakeholders, including experts, policy-makers, and the business community. At the end of the mandate, AIDA will submit a report with its findings and recommendations.

Further information

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