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See question(s) : E-005051/2021

Answer given by Mr Reynders on behalf of the European Commission

In line with Article 168(7) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, Member States are responsible for defining their national health policy as well as the organisation and delivery of health services and medical care. In particular, the responsibility for vaccination policies, programmes and services lies with Member States.

Regulation (EU) 2021/953 on the EU Digital COVID Certificate1 (EU DCC) includes an obligation on Member States to issue vaccination certificates for each vaccination administered in that Member State.

The EU DCC and the EU DCC Gateway are designed according to the highest security standards. Member States are responsible for putting in place robust procedures where EU DCCs are generated to ensure that their issuance, authenticity and integrity are well protected.

The security of Member States’ databases, portals and digital signature keys falls under the jurisdiction and responsibility of the national authorities concerned. Member States’ authorities should ensure, when issuing a secure EU DCC based on a vaccination proof in a non-EU DCC format, to properly check that proof. Sanctions against the falsification of vaccination certificates fall under national laws. National law enforcement and judicial authorities are responsible for pursuing any specific case. The Commission will continue following up closely on this issue and take appropriate steps if necessary.

The Commission is currently working with Member States towards establishing a revocation system at EU-level to revoke certificates that have been issued as a result of fraud.

1 Regulation (EU) 2021/953 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2021 on a framework for
the issuance, verification and acceptance of interoperable COVID-19 vaccination, test and recovery certificates
(EU Digital COVID Certificate) to facilitate free movement during the COVID-19 pandemic, OJ L 211,
15.6.2021, p. 1. See:

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