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Newsletter – 17-20 May 2021 – plenary session


Parliament to discuss call for waiver of COVID-19 vaccine patents

On Wednesday morning, MEPs will debate a proposal to the WTO to waive intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines, a move backed by the US administration.

MEPs to approve the next generation of Erasmus+

Parliament is set to approve the new Erasmus+, the EU’s education, training, youth and sports programme, for the period 2021-2027.

MEPs to adopt €17.5 billion package for a fair transition to a green economy

On Wednesday, Parliament is expected to approve the Just Transition Fund, one of the EU’s key tools to support regions in their 2050 climate-neutral transition.

Parliament to debate EU strategy towards Israel-Palestine

MEPs will discuss the recent unrest and violence between Israel and Palestine on Tuesday.

Enlargement: MEPs to assess situation in Turkey and Montenegro

On Tuesday, MEPs will discuss recent developments in Turkey and Montenegro’s EU accession negotiations. Two resolutions will be put to the vote on Wednesday.

MEPs to approve the EU’s volunteering programme

Parliament is set to adopt the European Solidarity Corps programme, supporting volunteering activities for young people in the EU and beyond.

MEPs to approve the EU’s new culture programme

Parliament is likely to adopt the next ‘Creative Europe’ programme, making it the biggest ever commitment to support the EU’s cultural and creative sectors.

Revamping EU environmental liability rules

Parliament wants to strengthen existing EU rules on environmental liability of companies to reduce and prevent environment harm.

MEPs and Commission discuss modernising business taxation

With momentum building for a minimum global corporate tax rate, and progress on intra-EU tax reporting ongoing, MEPs will debate the Commission’s new tax plans on Tuesday.

Protect environmental defenders from intimidation and violence, MEPs urge

Parliament is set to call on the EU to strongly support environmental rights defenders around the world, and to recognise ‘ecocide’ as an international crime.

Tackling illegal online streaming of sporting events

MEPs want illegal transmission of sport events stopped to ensure the protection of organisers’ intellectual property rights.

Conflict of interest and misuse of EU funds: MEPs debate case of Czech PM Babiš

On Wednesday, MEPs will debate with Council and Commission about the findings on the breach of conflict of interest rules involving Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

Legal migration to reduce irregular entry and boost the European economy

MEPs will discuss opening new legal options for third-country workers into the EU, as a way to reduce irregular migration and help migrants to integrate.

Climate change: MEPs to push for renewable hydrogen, integrated energy systems

MEPs will present their proposals for decarbonising Europe’s energy system, industry and transport sector in two reports to be discussed on Monday.

Data transfers to the UK and US: concern over EU citizens’ privacy

On Thursday, MEPs will assess data protection in the UK and US and the future of data transfers to these countries with Council and Commission representatives.

MEPs to call for more support for digital innovation and use of AI

On Thursday, Parliament is expected to adopt a resolution on Europe’s digital future, reiterating the need for common EU rules on accessible and human-centric technology.

Aarhus Convention: MEPs set to call for the EU to comply fully

On Wednesday, MEPs will debate how to bring the EU in line with its obligations to provide access to justice in environmental matters under the Aarhus Convention.

MEPs to call for EU to protect people displaced by climate crisis

Parliament is expected to adopt a resolution on the impact of climate change on people in developing countries, demanding the EU puts words into action.

Deaths in the Mediterranean and search and rescue operations

On Tuesday, MEPs will discuss how to halt the increasing death toll in the Mediterranean Sea with the Council and the Commission.

EU migration policy: MEPs to call for measures against human rights violations

MEPs are set to criticise the EU and some EU countries for overusing informal agreements on the return and readmission of irregular migrants.

MEPs to debate new EU industrial strategy

On Tuesday, Parliament will comment on the Commission’s new plans, aiming to boost economic recovery by strengthening Europe’s industrial base.

MEPs to ask for more flexible EU Solidarity Fund with faster release of funds

The EU Solidarity Fund should be adapted to respond better to climate change and more frequent natural disasters in the EU and focus on at-risk regions.

MEPs want to make sure AI technologies respect EU values

Plenary will discuss on Tuesday the need for the EU to pay increased attention to prevent gender, social or cultural bias in Artificial Intelligence technology.

Parliament set to call for an “EU Deal on Demographics” to halt depopulation

Investing in infrastructure and public services is key to making the countryside more attractive to workers and to end the rural exodus, MEPs are expected to say.

Better protection of seasonal and posted workers during health crises

MEPs will debate on Monday how to ensure adequate social protection and freedom of movement for mobile workers during crises such as the current pandemic.

Human rights and democracy resolutions

Parliament will hold urgent debates on human rights, democracy and rule of law topics on Thursday morning, followed by votes later the same day.

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