Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

Check out our newly launched webpage on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Here you will find information on all the different services provided and on the many benefits the service brings to the user.

The ADR operates under the auspices of the Boards of Appeal of the EUIPO. Find out how to initiate an ADR request and what documents parties must submit if they wish to request this service. ADR processes carried out within the EUIPO do not entail any additional fee to the parties. These processes take place remotely and can be held in 12 languages of the European Union.

For more information, please check the Alternative Dispute Resolution Services brochure

The ADR service offers mediation, conciliation, assisted negotiation and expert determination, which may be used in combination with one another, or separately.

Would you like to know how much mediation costs? Or how it differs from arbitration? Read our mediation brochure to get all the insights.

Additional information on the EDR SME COVID-19 special service is given to those SMEs that are willing to solve their IP dispute using a more cost-effective alternative. One aim of opting for this service is to avoid complex litigation proceedings.

Source: Learn more about the EUIPO’s Alternative Dispute Resolution service

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