Sat. Jun 25th, 2022
Recent publications
  • Epidemiological update: Implications of the emergence and spread of the SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern BA.4 and BA.5 for the EU/EEA 13 June Read more »
  • Technical guidance for antigenic SARS-CoV-2 monitoring Technical guidance – 07 June Read more »
  • Epidemiological update: SARS-CoV-2 Omicron sub-lineages BA.4 and BA.5 13 May Read more »
  • COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol: Operational guidelines for the management of air passengers and aviation personnel in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic Technical guidance – 11 May Read more »
  • Public health considerations and evidence to support decisions on the implementation of a second mRNA COVID-19 vaccine booster dose Technical report – 28 Apr Read more »
Situation updates on COVID-19
  • COVID-19 situation update for the EU/EEA: Includes an update on the number of cases and deaths and geographical distribution of 14-day notification rates for the EU/EEA. Read more »
  • COVID-19 situation update worldwide: Includes an update on the number of cases and deaths and geographical distribution of 14-day notification rates worldwide. Read more »
  • COVID-19 country overview: Provides an overview of the evolving epidemiological situation for the EU/EEA (including case/death notification rates, testing rates, test positivity, hospital and ICU occupancy/capacity per country, vaccination uptake at EU/EEA and country level). Read more »
  • Situation dashboard: Interactive map with the latest available data on COVID-19 (worldwide). Read more » 
  • Vaccine tracker: Real time data on national vaccine doses distribution and vaccine update within EU/EEA countries. Read more »
  • Maps in support of the Council Recommendation on a coordinated approach to the restriction of free movement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the EU/EEA. These maps are published every Thursday based on a number of different indicators. Read more »
  • Response Measures Database of ECDC and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission is a regularly updated archive of non-pharmaceutical interventions introduced by 30 countries in the EU/EEA. Read more »
Updates on SARS-CoV-2 variants
  • SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern: Overview of the different variants that are currently being considered of concern and of interest as assessed by ECDC. Read more »
  • Variants of concern. The ECDC country overview includes an own section on variants of concern. It includes e.g. a map of sequencing volume, variant data table and weekly variant distribution by country. Read more »
  • Dashboard on SARS-CoV-2 variants. This dashboard provides an overview of the proportion of variants of concern and variants of interest in EU/EEA Member States together with sequencing volumes and complements the ECDC country overview report. Read more »
Download data on COVID-19
  • Much of ECDC’s data can be downloaded from its website. This for instance includes, but is not limited to, reported number of cases and deaths, 14-day case notification rates, ICU and hospital admissions/occupancy, testing rates/positivity, vaccination data and response measures implemented in EU/EEA countries. Link to downloadable data»
Other ECDC Outputs
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