Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

In November, we have published the German version of the new Coalition Agreement: “Dare More Progress. Alliance for Freedom, Justice, and Sustainability”.

The agreement reflects the political programmes of three political parties forming the new coalition: SPD (affiliated with the S&D Group on the EU level), B90/Die Grünen (affiliated with The Greens/EFA), and FDP (affiliated with Renew Europe).

While waiting for the German government–or its coalition partners–to publish an official translation of the agreement, we have now decided to add an UNOFFICIAL English translation as Germany takes over the Presidency of the G7 countries.

You can either scroll through the German or English PDFs below or download it for free via our Insight EU Store.

UNOFFICIAL English translation:


German original version:


Free download of both versions (German original and UNOFFICIAL English translation):