Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexander Novak met with Governor of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Salehabadi.

During the meeting, the officials discussed development of cooperation in the financial and banking spheres, specifically, the increased use of national currencies in mutual settlements, joint work on financial messaging systems, as well as financing promising investment projects in transport infrastructure and the oil and gas sectors, including petrochemicals and refining.

Russia and Iran maintain an intensive political dialogue, Alexander Novak noted at the meeting.

“We see significant growth in trade: 81 percent last year and 31 percent this year. Our countries’ leaders have set a goal to further promote cooperation. Our companies are interested in intensifying trade, so the development of cooperation in the financial and banking sector is among our priorities,” the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized.

Iran also considers Russia a strategic partner, Ali Salehabadi said. He added that an increase in the use of national currencies in mutual transactions can become a key tool in stepping up investment cooperation.

“The use of global currencies like the US dollar is not only an economic tool but also a political tool. Those who oppose the US’s unilateral actions end up being sanctioned,” Ali Salehabadi said.

Source – Russian Kremlin