Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

The presentation of the STOA/ESMH study on “Disinformation and Science: A survey of the gullibility of students with regard to false scientific news” took place at the CULT Committee meeting on 19 April 2021.

In the times of health emergency, it is essential to explore how science information circulates and how people get their news and knowledge about science and new technology. The European Science-Media Hub (ESMH) supported a survey examining the spread of disinformation among young people in some countries from Central-Eastern Europe and Italy in order to explore the public understanding of scientific topics and to address the damaging impact of disinformation and junk science. This ESMH/STOA report discusses the disinformation phenomenon, its causes related to social trust and types of media consumption among university students in Austria, Czechia, Croatia, Hungary, northern Italy and Slovakia.

Source : © European Union, 2021 – EP

Source: Highlights – Study: Disinformation and Science – Committee on Culture and Education

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