Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

The European Union is party to the Aarhus Convention on access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters.

The Aarhus Regulation applies the Convention’s provisions to EU institutions and bodies. In 2017, the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee, reviewing implementation by the parties, found that the EU fails to comply with its obligations under Article 9, paragraphs 3 and 4 of the convention concerning access to justice by members of the public. To address this non-compliance issue, on 14 October 2020 the European Commission put forward a legislative proposal to amend the Aarhus Regulation, triggering mixed reactions from stakeholders. The Council reached a general approach on the file on 17 December 2020. Parliament’s Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety adopted its report on 23 April 2021. The report is now scheduled for a vote during the May 2021 plenary session. This vote would set Parliament’s position for negotiations with the Council. Second edition. The ‘EU Legislation in Progress’ briefings are updated at key stages throughout the legislative procedure.

Source: Briefing – Access to justice in environmental matters: Amending the Aarhus Regulation – 12-05-2021

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