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See question(s) : E-001443/2021

Answer given by Ms Kyriakides
on behalf of the European Commission (10.5.2021)

The Commission has initiated a number of actions aiming at accelerating access to the market for biological plant protection products (PPP). Their focus is on micro-organisms, the biggest group of biological active substances. In its reply to written question E-004380/2019, the Commission outlined the planned review of the related existing regulations123. Moreover, training activities under the “Better Training for Safer Food” initiative will start in 2021, aiming at increasing Member States’ and the European Food Safety Authority’s expertise in evaluating biological active substances and PPP.

As pointed out in the reply to written question E-000767/2020, a fast-track authorisation procedure for low-risk PPP, including biological PPP, is already in place and Member States can prioritise the evaluation of applications for biological active substances and PPP.

The report on the REFIT evaluation4 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 found that there are significant delays in Member States for processing applications for the approval of active substances and the authorisation of PPP, including for biological ones. The Commission has called on the Member States to increase the resources dedicated to the implementation of the Regulation and has set out a number of actions that will increase efficiency of the various processes including the above-described initiatives in relation to biological active substances and PPP.


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Source: Answer to a written question – Approval times for biological PPPs and the Farm to Fork Strategy – E-001443/2021(ASW)

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