Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

Brussels, 20 July 2022

The Commission has decided today to appoint Elisabeth Morin-Chartier and Jerzy Plewa as new members of its Independent Ethical Committee and to reappoint Allan Rosas for a second term. The date of effect is immediate.

Elisabeth Morin-Chartier is a former Member and Quaestor of the European Parliament.

Jerzy Plewa is a former Director-General for Agriculture and Rural Development. Allan Rosas is a Former Judge at the European Court of Justice and has been serving as a Member of the Independent Ethical Committee since 2019.

The two previous members, Dagmar Roth-Behrendt and Heinz Zourek, could not be reappointed after serving two terms. Under the Code of Conduct of 2018, a new reinforced Independent Ethical Committee was set up. It advises the Commission on whether the planned activities of Commissioners after leaving office are compatible with the Treaties.

The President may also seek the advice of the Independent Ethical Committee on any other ethical question relating to the Code of Conduct for the Members of the European Commission. The declarations of interest and the CVs of the Members of the Independent Ethical Committee are available online here.