Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

Consultation period: 23 July 2021 – 17 September 2021

Topics: Banking and financial services, Economy, finance and the euro

Departments: Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union

Target group

In view of the technical nature of the issues, the questionnaire is targeted to market participants, including data repositories and rating agencies, industry associations and supervisors. While some questions are general, others are directed towards particular participants in the securitisation market, i.e. issuers or investors, or towards supervisors. Please note that not all questions are relevant for all stakeholders and that you are not expected to reply to every question.

Objective of the consultation

In order to deliver on the Commission’s commitment in the capital markets union (CMU) action plan and in order to prepare the report mandated by Article 46 of the Securitisation Regulation, this targeted consultation seeks stakeholders’ feedback on a broad range of issues. It covers the areas mandated by Article 46, namely

  • the effects of the regulation (Section 1)
  • private securitisations (Section 2)
  • the need for an equivalence regime in the area of STS securitisations (Section 5)
  • disclosure of information on environmental performance and sustainability (Section 6) and
  • the need for establishing a system of limited licensed banks performing the functions of SSPEs – securitisation special purpose entities (Section 7)

In addition, the questionnaire seeks feedback on a number of additional issues that have been identified and raised by stakeholders and by the Joint Committee of the ESAs as having an impact on the functioning of the securitisation framework.

Source: The Commission launched a targeted consultation on the functioning of the EU securitisation framework