Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Brussels, 20 October 2022

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Good afternoon.

Today, we are going to talk a lot about energy. Russia is manipulating prices and creating troubles in the energy market around the world. So, the leaders will discuss about the measures to be taken by our side. Our diplomacy will continue working with our partners in order to face the consequences of these high prices around the world, because everybody is suffering from that.

Secondly, I will inform the leaders about the last decisions taken by the Foreign Affairs Council. On Ukraine, on the [European Military Assistance] Training Mission, the new tranche of the [European] Peace Facility, [and] the sanctions against Iran for the use of drones. I have been talking this morning with the Foreign Affairs Minister of Iran [Hossein Amir-Abdollahian], to inform about this decision and ensure the determination of the European Union to do everything we can with respect to everybody that could be involved in supporting Russian aggression.

I also want to praise the Ukrainian people for the Sakharov Prize, and also about the deployment of our monitoring Mission in the [South] Caucasus, in the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Today, they have started the deployment of this mission.


Q. What are the next steps against Iran? 

Let’s see first. Let’s implement it and see what’s happening, but it is a very important decision.

Russia is vandalising, is terrorising, civilian infrastructure, [the] Ukrainian people, and we have to stop it.

Thank you.

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Source – EEAS

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