Fri. Aug 19th, 2022



Remarks by High Representative Josep Borrell at the handover ceremony of Denmark’s letter notifying its decision to join EU defence policy

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It is a great pleasure, on behalf of the European Union, accompanied by the country that holds the rotating Presidency of the Council [of the European Union], to thank you Jeppe [Kofod, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark] for presenting us this important document. 2/3 is quite a lot and the Danish will was clearly expressed by your people at this referendum.

With that, you [have] made Europe more united. The European Union will be stronger, we will increase our capacity to act. The Danish people made a historical decision to get out of this 30-years-old opt-out on the European [Union’s] defence [policy].

European defence policy is a work in progress. As High Representative, people tell me about foreign affairs and most of the time forget about saying foreign affairs and defence.

Defence and security are part of our work. And with this decision, you will participate fully in the decision-making, in our military missions around the world and you will participate in our defence actions.

So, be sure that we will take any steps needed in order to incorporate the Danish quickly and fully in our missions, in our operations, in our Common Security [and Defence] Policy and in our broader projects, like PESCO. You will have a lot to do.

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Source – EEAS