Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023
4 October 2022

CEPOL and eu-LISA jointly organised a course on “Interoperability of the EU large scale IT Systems – Current and future implementation” between 26 and 30 September in Gheorgheni, Romania, hosted by the Gheorgheni Romanian Gendarmerie Training Centre.

The aim of this activity was the improvement of awareness on the interoperability components by strengthening the knowledge of law enforcement officials on the scope of interoperability, what the interoperability components are and offer to the European internal security landscape, their limitations, and the fundamental rights safeguards. The course was addressed to practitioners coming from law enforcement agencies, in particular police, border/coast/maritime, immigration services, visa authorities, customs and the judicial community.

28 participants from 20 Member States discussed with the experts from Germany, Poland, Belgium, Romania and Italy as well as the experts from the European Commission, eu-LISA, EUROPOL and FRONTEX the current status and the future implementation of the interoperability programme on the EU and national levels.

Source: CEPOL and eu-LISA joint course on interoperability of EU large-scale IT systems

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