Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Brussels, 1 June 2022

Today is the first anniversary of the launch of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO). The European prosecution body was created with the objective to protect EU funds, as well as investigate and prosecute crimes like fraud, money laundering and corruption, whenever they affect the Union budget.

EU Commission Vice-President Vera Jourová said: 

“Already after one year, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office is proving to play a crucial role in protecting public money and deserve our continued support. The first results should encourage the remaining Member States to join this endeavor as soon as possible.” 

EU Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders said:

After only one year, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office has already proven to be a key tool in our efforts to fight corruption and misuse of EU funds across the Union. Today, I reaffirm our support to its mission and operations, and we call on all Member States to join. Together, we can effectively bring the perpetrators to justice.” 

The European Public Prosecutor has achieved significant results during its first year of operations, with over 4,000 crime reports received. This led to more than 900 investigations, accounting for €259 million in freezing orders granted. The cooperation between the participating Member States and the EPPO has already led to first convictions in some cross-border VAT-related cases investigated by the European prosecutor.

22 Member States are currently participating in the enhanced cooperation on which the EPPO is based. A speech by Commissioner Reynders on this occasion is also available. A video and the latest figures on the first year of operations can be found here

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