Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Brussels, 4 April 2022

The latest Standard Eurobarometer survey published today shows that already before the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, 77% of Europeans were in favour of a common defence and security policy among EU Member States, with a majority in favour of such a policy in each Member State.

Europeans thought that the most important issues facing the EU at the moment of the survey were the environment and climate change (26%, +1 pp. since July 2021); rising prices, inflation, cost of living (24%, +12 pp.); and immigration (22%, -3 pp.). 41% of respondents mentioned prices, inflation, cost of living (+18pp.) as one of the most important issues facing their country, before health (32%) and the economic situation (19%).

Close to seven in ten Europeans (69%) back a European economic and monetary union with one single currency, with support reaching 77% within the euro area. The image of the EU has also remained fairly stable. 44% of Europeans have a positive image of the EU, 38% a neutral image.

The survey was conducted between 18 January and 14 February 2022. The full results are available here.

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