Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Brussels, 8 September 2022

Following the Council’s adoption in April 2021 of an assistance measure taking the form of a general programme for support to the African Union in 2022-2024 under the European Peace Facility (EPF), the Political and Security Committee today approved the provision of EUR 15 million in support of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) mission to Mozambique (SAMIM).

The agreed support will provide the military component of SAMIM with collective equipment at company level: camp fortifications and storage containers, medical equipment, vehicles and boats, as well as technological devices.

This strand of EPF support is complementary to the ongoing assistance of EUR 89 million to the Mozambican Armed Forces agreed so far, which provides equipment and supplies – not designed to deliver lethal force – to the Mozambican military units trained by the EU Training Mission in Mozambique.

Today’s decision complements the EU support for SAMIM’s peacebuilding activities, totalling EUR 1.9 million for the period March-September 2022. This support is provided under the African Peace Facility and focuses on the capacity building of police and correctional services officers, women and youth empowerment, and dialogue with civic leaders tailored towards good governance and the rule of law.

By providing this support, the EU joins Mozambican and international efforts to restore peace, safety and security in the North of Mozambique, protect the civilian population, and allow for the return of internally displaced persons, accountable law enforcement, state structures and services to the area.


In line with the EU’s Integrated Approach to the crisis in Cabo Delgado, EPF funding for SAMIM’s military component is part of a comprehensive package of EU support, which includes peacebuilding, development and humanitarian actions.

The financing for the military component of SAMIM is the third action under the new Assistance Measure in support of African-led Peace Support Operations worth EUR 600 million under the European Peace Facility for the period 2022-2024.

Within this Assistance Mesure, the African Union can request support for individual Peace Support Operations as needs arise, allowing a quick response to relevant security developments on the African continent.