Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Brussels, 1 June 2023

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I am very well, but I have to regret today a new attack to Kyiv with two children killed. It is another proof that Russia keeps attacking the civilian population in Ukraine. 

I hope that the presence of so many leaders here, very close to Ukraine at some kilometers from the border, will send a strong message about the unity of many States – not only the European Union, but others – in defending the international order, in defending the right of the people to defend the sovereignty of their countries. 

It is important that this message reaches Russia. Russia is not here, not because we do not want to invite Russia, but because Putin’s Russia has excluded [itself] of this community by launching these attacks, this war – unjustified – against Ukraine. 

We have to work on three words: first, connecting better the people of this political community; second, [in] stabilising our continent – we have a lot of problems in the Balkans-; and third, [to] secure. Stability, connectivity and security, these are the three key words of this meeting from the point of view of building a common foreign policy for the European Union. 

Q. Is it the time to give them all the accession perspective? 

But the accession perspective is there. It is already there. And yesterday, there was a vibrant concert where everybody heard the symphony, the European Union’s anthem. I think the European will of these people and this government is clear – and the European path is clear also. Moldova is a candidate. Something that some months ago looked impossible [and] now it is a candidate. Now, they have to work to make the reforms and the way is clear.

Q. Do you expect any progress between Kosovo and Serbia, or between Armenia and Azerbaijan? 

I expect to have a meeting with President [of Serbia, Aleksandar] Vučić. Yesterday, I met with Prime Minister [of Kosovo, Alban] Kurti. We have to insist that violence is not the way. Violence has to be condemned and the perpetrators of this violence have to be accountable. And everybody has to try to avoid any kind of escalation and uncoordinated moves. So, we will continue working with President Vučić – [the Prime Minister of] Kosovo, I was with him yesterday. 

Q. Is Transnistria a problem for the EU integration for the Republic of Moldova? 

I already answered this question. Moldova’s path is independent of what is happening in Transnistria. Cyprus became a member of the European Union having a territorial problem. Moldova can do it. 

Q. Le preocupa que el adelanto electoral en España perjudique la Presidencia española de la Unión Europea? 

Creo que la campaña electoral se puede desarrollar sin perjuicio a la Presidencia [española del Consejo de la Unión Europea]. [El Presidente de Francia, Emmanuel] Macron tuvo las elecciones presidenciales de la República francesa durante la Presidencia francesa [del Consejo de la Unión Europea]. Nada extraordinario ni nuevo. 

Q. Ukraine is under attack just as we speak. Considering President Zelenskyy’s presence here, do you fear and do you think that Russia will intensify attacks in the coming days? 

Ukraine has the full right to defend itself – [in] the coming days and always. [Being] here it does not matter. [President of Ukraine, Volodymyr] Zelenskyy being here does not prevent Ukraine from defending [itself]. 

Q. What is your main message to Georgia, to the Georgian people, regarding candidate status? Georgian Prime Minister [Irakli Garibashvili] is also here to participate in discussions today. 

Georgia has a clear European perspective. So, the only thing it has to do is to continue working on the reforms and to build political stability. But the European perspective of Georgia, from the European [Union] side is clear. Now, it is up to Georgia to continue working. 

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Source – EEAS

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