Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Strasbourg, 4 April 2022

The Plenary session of the Conference on the Future of Europe, which meets on 8-9 April, will debate concrete proposals from the Working Groups.

Chairs of nine Plenary Working Groups will table consolidated proposals to the Conference Plenary, grouped by themes that each Working Group focused on. The proposals will be based on the recommendations made by the European Citizens’ Panels, national panels, and ideas gathered through the Multilingual Digital Platform, as well as the exchanges held during Conference Plenary and Working Group sessions.

When: Friday 8 April – Saturday 9 April 2022 (including preparatory, Working Groups’, and political caucuses’ meetings)

Where: European Parliament in Strasbourg, with physical participation


The Plenary session will follow up on the work done by the Plenary and the nine Working Groups on 25-26 March, when draft preliminary proposals of the Working Groups were discussed.

The Plenary will, based on consensus, put forward its proposals to the Executive Board. The latter will draw up a report in full collaboration and full transparency with the Plenary. Find out more information on the Plenary’s composition, purpose and work, and download all relevant documents (including the agenda) for the coming weekend, on the Conference Plenary webpage.

The final report from the Multilingual Digital Platform to be taken into consideration for Plenary proposals, based on citizens’ contributions collected until 20 February, is also available online.

Citizens can still submit contributions on the Platform, to allow debate to continue online. Contributions introduced after 20 February will be covered by a final report after 9 May.