Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

About this consultation

Feedback period: 27 July 2021 – 02 November 2021  (midnight Brussels time)

Topic: Single market

Target audience

All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Views are in particular welcome from Member States, national and EU competent authorities, as well as businesses and service providers that are subject to anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism rules. Civil society (NGOs, specialised policy organisations, think tanks), university and/or academic institutions are also target groups of this consultation.

Why we are consulting

The objective of the consultation will be to collect additional relevant evidence in the form of views and opinions supported, to the extent possible, by facts and figures. The consultation aims to obtain information with regard to, for example, the types of public-private partnerships currently operating in the EU Member States in the area of preventing and fighting money laundering and terrorist financing, the public authorities (e.g. FIUs, law enforcement, supervisory authorities) and private sector entities which participate, the types of information exchanged within those partnerships and the measures put in place to guarantee the preservation of fundamental rights. The consultation would also aim to gather input with regard to the mechanisms put in place to measure the effectiveness and success of those partnerships (e.g. key performance indicators (KPIs) or any other performance metrics) and to improve the Commission’s understanding of the impacts, benefits and added value of the various public-private partnerships in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. The call for evidence would also provide an opportunity for the various public authorities and private entities, which take part in public-private partnerships, to explain and elaborate on the challenges faced and what do they pertain to. The ultimate objective of the consultation is to provide the Commission with sufficient information and evidence for the purposes of preparing the guidance on the rules applicable to the use of public private partnerships in the framework of preventing and fighting money laundering and terrorist financing and issue best practices.

Responding to the questionnaire

You can contribute to this consultation by filling in the online questionnaire. If you are unable to use the online questionnaire, please contact us using the email address below.

Questionnaires are available in some or all official EU languages. You can submit your responses in any official EU language.

For reasons of transparency, organisations and businesses taking part in public consultations are asked to register in the EU’s Transparency Register.

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Personal data and privacy statement

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Source: The Commission launched a public consultation on guidance on the rules applicable to the use of public-private partnerships in the framework of preventing and fighting money laundering and terrorist financing