Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

Our IEU Environment Monitoring headlines today:

  • EU Commission Q&A on actions boosting organic production
  • Reinforcing trust in scientific studies on food products: new rules for more transparency and independence
  • EFSA: Transparency in risk assessment: a new era begins
  • Eurocommerce: Consumers want more organic food, retail and wholesale want to provide it
  • Environmental Liability: EU Commission announces guidelines to identify when environmental damage needs to be prevented and remediated
  • Air quality standards needed for all air pollutants that affect health, say MEPs
  • S&Ds: Air pollution causes over 400 thousand deaths per year – we need new EU standards and legislation to stop this
  • EU Parliament urges EU to take drastic action to reduce marine litter
  • EU Parliament agrees to new EU export rules on dual-use items
  • EU Commission President von der Leyen: “Europe has chosen to build a global health alliance”
  • Coronavirus vaccine disinformation: new reports from online platforms to inform Code of Practice revamp
  • EU Parliament fast-tracks procedure to adopt Digital Green Certificate by June
  • WWF Statement on Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act
  • Administrative guidance for the preparation of renewal applications on genetically modified food and feed
  • Administrative guidance for the preparation of applications on genetically modified plants
  • Open call for food additive occurrence data in food and beverages intended for human consumption
  • Review of the existing maximum residue levels for pinoxaden according to Article 12 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005
  • Transparency in risk assessment: a new era begins


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