Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Our IEU MONITORING headlines this week:

  • Regional leaders call to avoid competition between cohesion policy and over-centralised EU Recovery Plan
  • EP Text adopted – Reversing demographic trends in EU regions using cohesion policy instruments – P9_TA(2021)0248 – Thursday, 20 May 2021 – Brussels
  • DRAFT REPORT Towards a stronger partnership with the EU outermost regions – PE689.837v01-00
  • What have we learned about digital engagement?
  • Cities and regions must be full partners of the EU Strategy for Energy System Integration
  • mySMARTLife promotes Helsinki’s energy actions
  • New Urban Mobility Initiative: Five consultation workshops for stakeholders in June
  • Registrations open for EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2021
  • Online training session: How to implement a MaaS system in your city
  • New CIVITAS publication reveals tested and effective sustainable mobility solutions
  • Eltis to hold two training sessions in June
  • Smart Regions: Gardanne is home to a new multimodal transport hub
  • R&I for the digital transformation of the water sector
  • Portugal eHealth Summit
  • Accelerating Renewables in Asian Cities: Opportunities for Cleaner Air – REN21
  • What is the “third culture” in design? – Design Thinking on Medium
  • ​Language ​- A ​​Design ​Thinking ​Tool​ ​​that will make you perform better​!​ – Design Thinking on Medium
  • Solving a real-time problem using Design Thinking process – Design Thinking on Medium
  • Challenge 1: Design Thinking: UrbanGo – Design Thinking on Medium
  • Importance of Design Thinking in Banking – Design Thinking on Medium
  • What is a Design Audit? – Design Thinking on Medium
  • Aligning ourselves: human-centered design thinking – Design Thinking on Medium
  • 7 interesting TED Talks for UX Designers – Design Thinking on Medium
  • How UX designers can tear down organizational silos – Design Thinking on Medium
  • Applying Design and Agile Thinking to your Data Science project — Part 1 – Design Thinking on Medium
  • Applying Design and Agile Thinking to your Data Science project — Part 2 – Design Thinking on Medium
  • Emotional Design, Process And Success – Design Thinking on Medium
  • A Community Approach to Design Thinking – Design Thinking on Medium


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