Mon. Jan 30th, 2023
  • Sustainable batteries: Member states ready to start negotiations with Parliament
  • German Government: EU Environment Council adopts new rules for more sustainable batteries
  • ENTSOG publishes its interactive Seasonal Supply Outlook monitoring dashboard on its website
  • Secretariat commends accelerated power system synchronization of Ukraine and Moldova with ENTSO-E
  • Director Lorkowski visits Bosnia and Herzegovina to discuss energy transition
  • IEA: A 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use – to be presented on 18 March
  • Bruegel: Can Europe manage if Russian oil and coal are cut off?
  • CER: Russia’s war on Ukraine: There is worse to come (for the West as well)
  • EU Commission: Answer to a written question – EU taxonomy: the danger of classifying natural gas and nuclear energy as ‘green’
  • JRC Technical assessment of nuclear energy with respect to the ‘do no significant harm’ criteria of Regulation (EU) 2020/852 (‘Taxonomy Regulation’)
  • 8th Energy Infrastructure Forum
  • Wind Europe: Germany has turned the corner on onshore wind
  • Update 24 – IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine
  • DLR: Strombasierte Kraftstoffe – Wir kennen den Weg und müssen jetzt loslegen
  • Agora at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD)
  • BDEW: Energiewende braucht hochleistungsfähige, zuverlässige und flächendeckende Glasfaserinfrastruktur
  • Members’ Research Service: EU directive on gas and hydrogen networks – Legislation in Progress
  • Latest hydrogen headlines
    • Germany’s Getec to build green hydrogen plant in Saxony-Anhalt
    • Green hydrogen for heating ‘would double energy bills, reduce GDP and put climate targets out of reach’
    • Saudi Arabia to Start Building Green Hydrogen Plant in Neom
    • Calling All Hydrogen Players!
    • Delta and Airbus Collaborate to Pull Forward the Future of Hydrogen Fuel
    • Norway/green hydrogen: Europe comes calling for cleaner gas
    • Record-breaking hydrogen electrolyzer claims 95% efficiency
    • TFP Hydrogen Extends Coating Capability with US Line
    • Rooftop solar firm MYSUN evaluating prospects in green hydrogen business
    • EU directive on gas and hydrogen networks [EU Legislation in Progress]
    • Now’s the time for full energy freedom, says green hydrogen stalwart Andrew Forrest
    • On the energy dependence of the muon transfer rate from hydrogen to oxygen. (arXiv:2203.09235v1 [physics.atom-ph])
    • Correction: Optimizing accuracy and efficacy in data-driven materials discovery for the solar production of hydrogen
    • Solvent Polarity Tuning to Enhance the Crystallinity of 2D-Covalent Organic Frameworks for Visible-light-driven Hydrogen Generation
    • [ASAP] Hydrogen Detection Limits and Instrument Sensitivity of High-Resolution Broadband Neutron Spectrometers
    • Promoting effect of Zn in high-loaded Zn/Ni-SiO2 catalysts for selective hydrogen evolution from methylcyclohexane
    • Synthesis of Uranium Single Atom from Radioactive Wastewater for Enhanced Water Dissociation and Hydrogen Evolution (Small 11/2022)
    • Non‐covalent Interactions in Molecular Systems: Thermodynamic Evaluation of the Hydrogen Bond Strength in Amino‐ethers and Amino‐alcohols
    • Green hydrogen, root, shoot et al

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