Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
electricity, power pole, power line
Power pole. Photo by 652234 on Pixabay
  • ACER will decide on the rules on the maximum and minimum prices in the day-ahead and intraday electricity markets
  • REMIT: In 2022 the Romanian energy regulator (ANRE) issued fines totalling EUR 1.3 million for market manipulation
  • Join CEER at EUSEW 2022!
  • The Long and Short of It: Long Duration Energy Storage for Europe’s Future – EASE Storage
  • Der VCI wendet sich mit Vorschlägen zur Bewältigung der Energiekrise an die Politik.
  • ENERGIETAG 2022: Zeitenwende im Energiesektor – Auf dem Weg zur “neuen Normalität”?
  • Situationsbericht Lage der Gasversorgung in Deutschland (Stand 19.09.22)
  • Save-the-Date: Saxony-Anhalt as model region for green hydrogen
  • Latest Hydrogen headlines
  • States Partner With Hopes of Becoming Hubs for Hydrogen Fuel
    • U.S. energy giant Sempra eyes ‘blue’ hydrogen exports to Japan
    • Bloom Energy to produce emissions-free hydrogen at Xcel Energy’s Prairie Island nuclear plant
    • In focus: All roads leading to hydrogen
    • Hamburg receives first shipment of hydrogen from the UAE
    • Loop cuts H2 cost-parity gap with diesel
    • H2 supply agreement for Ireland & EU
    • IAA Transportation World Premieres: Quantron unveils longest-range hydrogen
    • SunHydrogen shares update on its progress towards commercialisation of nanoparticle-based green hydrogen
    • New Loop Energy hydrogen
    • QUANTRON to Unveil First Hydrogen
    • Hydrogen
    • Mid-West proves a good spot for blue hydrogen
    • HHLA CTA aims to become import hub for hydrogen
    • California utilities propose hydrogen
    • University and Industry Collaborate on Liquid Hydrogen
    • Iveco showcases prototype of large hydrogen
  • CM 4416 2022 INIT Working Party on Energy
  • COMMISSION DECISION on the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding for a partnership between the European Atomic Energy Community and the International Atomic Energy Agency on nuclear safety cooperation
  • Commission Decision regarding the follow-up to National Parliaments’ Opinions – reply to the Národná Rada (SK) – OI from the V4 countries on the situation in Ukraine and Energy security – ASAP/DOS/2022/152


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