Tue. Mar 28th, 2023
worker, subway construction site, construction
Construction works play a key role in improving energy efficiency. Photo by chx69 on Pixabay
  • EU Commissioner Simson and energy ministers to advance work on high energy prices and speed up building renovations
  • ITRE 26-27/10: Energy crisis, European Innovation Council, Data act
  • Businesseurope: Energy crisis: we need a game-changer proposal
  • DIW: Die Gaskrise und das Schreckgespenst der Deindustrialisierung
  • ENTSOG publishes its Winter Supply Outlook 2022/23 and Winter Supply Review 2021/22
  • European TSOs prepare for solar eclipse on 25th October 2022.
  • Speech by Commissioner Simson at the Commission-IEA event ‘Coping with the crisis: Increasing resilience in small businesses in Europe through energy efficiency’
  • Safeguards Inspectors to Visit Two Nuclear Locations in Ukraine, IAEA’s Grossi Says After Receiving Request from Ukraine
  • European Hydrogen Week 2022: Boosting the uptake of hydrogen through the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance
  • Latest Hydrogen headlines
    • NextChem awards LanzaTech engineering contract for Hydrogen Valley project
    • Hyzon Demonstrates Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Truck
    • Jeep 4xe recall, Volvo EX90 battery, Nikola hydrogen stations, Foxtron EVs: Today’s Car News
    • DB and Fortescue co-developing ammonia-hydrogen engine
    • Nikola plans 60 hydrogen stations by 2026, aided by incentives
    • Maersk, SCZONE and Siemens Energy discuss green hydrogen projects
    • PUNCH and Tecnogen present hydrogen-engine generator with integrated F1-derived flywheel system
    • Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc. Looks to Develop Markets in 2023 for its XStorra-II Regenerative Green Hydrogen Mobile Microgrid
    • Public charging and hydrogen filling station opens at Gothenburg
    • Project ‘Joseph’ to deliver ground-breaking hydrogen purification technology
    • Platinum-linked green hydrogen economy has $10-trillion-a-year opportunity tag
    • South Africa-ACWA Power and Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa set to explore green hydrogen projects
    • Oman aims to produce 1m tonnes of green hydrogen annually by 2030
    • After Paris, HYVIA presents Master Van H2-TECH in Brussels during the European hydrogen week
    • Hydrogen’s role in easing solar curtailment
    • Technology Trending – hydrogen refuelling, AR for energy consumers, carbon capture and quantum advances
    • Liebherr debuts R 9XX H2 crawler excavator with hydrogen engine & potential upscaling for mining
    • JCB reveals hydrogen bowser
    • Liebherr develops hydrogen-powered excavator
    • Europe Aims To Build Green Hydrogen Corridor
    • Peak power: hydrogen to be injected into UK station for first time
    • Hydrogen-powered startups shine at the Paris Auto Show
    • BMW Group Plant Leipzig pilots flexible hydrogen-capable burner in paintshop
    • Notice of Availability of Draft Guidance on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Program: Guidance for the Clean Hydrogen Production Qualifications; Extension of Comment Period
    • Maersk, Siemens Energy, SCZONE get together to discuss green hydrogen projects
    • Key Takeaways | Clean Hydrogen Producers Get a Big Boost from the Inflation Reduction Act [VIDEO]
  • Federal Ministries present core principles for a National Biomass Strategy
  • Minister Habeck empfängt Energieministerinnen und Energieminister des Westbalkans im Rahmen des Berlin Prozesses
  • Bundestags-Gutachten: WD 4 – 088/22 Fragen zu einer möglichen Übergewinnsteuer und zu Maßnahmen gegen hohe Energiepreise in Deutschland
  • Bundestag berät über AKW-Laufzeitverlängerung
  • Bessere Rahmenbeding­ungen für erneuerbaren Energien im Städtebaurecht
  • VKU zur Debatte um Vorziehen der Gaspreisbremse und zur Strompreisbremse

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