Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
Energy storage and infrastructure in the spotlight. Source: EU Commission
  • EU Commission decides to refer BULGARIA and SLOVAKIA to the Court of Justice to ensure development of renewable energy
  • EU Commission urges SPAIN to fully transpose the Renewable Energy Directive
  • Nature protection: Commission calls on CROATIA to correctly implement the Habitats Directive in relation to wind energy projects
  • Sofort wirksamer Klimaschutz durch erneuerbare Antriebsenergie in der Land- und Forstwirtschaft“: Diskussion um Potenziale und Hürden
  • EU Commission calls on CROATIA, HUNGARY and ROMANIA to submit reports on their 2020 renewable and energy efficiency national targets
  • EU Commission calls on POLAND and ROMANIA to notify their comprehensive assessments on high-efficiency cogeneration
  • EU Commission urges FRANCE and PORTUGAL to fully transpose the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
  • Basic Safety Standards: Commission calls on HUNGARY to correctly transpose EU radiation protection legislation, and urges SLOVAKIA to fully transpose it
  • IAEA missions established at all nuclear power plants across Ukraine
  • Update 144 – IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine
  • Poland EU opens new rescEU energy hub for Ukraine
  • Energy Community: Call for tenders under the Ukraine Energy Support Fund procurement now open!
  • Energy products: Commission asks HUNGARY to remove export restrictions related to energy products
  • ECA: Haben die EU-Maßnahmen dazu beigetragen, Integration und Funktionieren des Elektrizitätsbinnenmarkts der EU zu verbessern?
  • EU joint gas purchasing attracts Contracting Parties interest
  • By 2030, imported hydrogen can compete with EU production costs – Hydrogen Europe
  • Latest hydrogen headlines
  • Nikola Motor founds hydrogen energy brand HYLA
  • Mele to work with Brazilian cooperatives to produce green hydrogen from animal waste
  • Raven SR and H3 Dynamics to collaborate on waste-to-hydrogen supply for aviation operations
  • Nikola Launches HYLA Unit for Hydrogen Fuel
  • Boosting Green Aviation with Hydrogen-Electric Engines
  • Nikola introduces new hydrogen energy brand HYLA, more green energy developments
  • Arcadis to oversee development of Dutch hydrogen network
  • 200MW PV plant to power green hydrogen facility in Spain
  • Boeing’s chief sustainability officer: ‘We can’t count on hydrogen-powered commercial flights before 2050’
  • Megaton: Denmark’s latest $9bn bid to tap gigascale wind and solar for green hydrogen
  • MAHLE Powertrain leading consortium to develop sustainable propulsion solutions for retrofit to high-performance marine vessels; MJI for hydrogen
  • California green hydrogen facility to be powered by 646MW of solar PV
  • Fortescue Future Industries and Nikola to develop large scale US green hydrogen production projects
  • Can hydrogen technology be a game changer for the Indian automotive industry?
  • AHC has signed an MOU with SEC to host the Asia Pacific Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition
  • India aims high as hydrogen power alternatives get boost

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