Sat. Mar 25th, 2023
  • BMWK: Berliner Energiewende-Konferenz im Zeichen der angestrebten Unabhängigkeit von fossilen Energien
  • Kopernikus-Projekte: Strompreise bereits heute so hoch wie für 2030 vorhergesagt
  • DIW: Stopp russischer Energieeinfuhren würde deutsche Wirtschaft spürbar treffen, Fiskalpolitik wäre in der Verantwortung
  • Bruegel: War in Ukraine: How to make Europe independent from Russian fossil fuels?
  • ECC: Access to trading and clearing in case of economic sanctions
  • EFET Insight into Gas Storage and Flexibility
  • EU Commission Webinar: Off-balance sheet energy performance contracts for public buildings: best practices in the EU
  • Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena): Innovationen für ein sicheres Energiesystem – Gutachten Cybersecurity veröffentlicht
  • Nuclear safety: IAEA Head travels to Ukraine to start safety and security assistance
  • Update 36 – IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine
  • REN21: GSR2022 Peer Review is now live!
  • Statement on IRENA’s World Energy Transitions Outlook 2022 – Global Wind Energy Council
  • Latest Hydrogen headlines
    • Fortescue and E.ON sign deal to replace Russian gas with Australian green hydrogen
    • German Hydrogen-Station Operator Raises $120 Million for Growth
    • Japanese researchers develop new method for producing hydrogen from water
    • Morgan Stanley says these hydrogen stocks will win as countries build up their energy infrastructure
    • Hydrogen phosphate selectively induces MDA MB 231 triple negative breast cancer cell death in vitro
    • Cost of hydrogen electrolysers to fall this decade at similar rates to solar and wind, says Irena
    • What To Expect From This Week’s OPEC+ Meeting
    • This is what the massive international clean hydrogen trade will look like in 2050: Irena
    • Extension of hydrogen borrowing alkylation reactions for the total synthesis of (−)-γ-lycorane
    • Commercial vehicle hydrogen powertrain
    • Stanwell signs up for Queensland’s hydrogen future
    • Utilities Hyping Hydrogen’s Promise Risk Hitting ‘Dead Ends’ in Climate Fight

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