Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022
  • EU Commission confirms unannounced inspections in the natural gas sector in Germany
  • EU Commission closes investigation into LNG supply agreements between Qatar Energy and European importers
  • IEA data: Reliance on Russian fossil fuels
  • Minister Habeck: “Germany is quickly cutting its dependence on Russian energy. But we still need to act prudently”
  • Situationsbericht Lage der Gasversorgung in Deutschland (Stand 31.03.22) – Bundesnetzagentur
  • IW: Es drohen Produktionsausfälle in der Industrie”
  • Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen: Drei Maßnahmen zum Energiesparen
  • TotalEnergies and Sempra Expand North American Strategic Alliance for the Development of LNG Exports and Renewables
  • DoC technical body convenes to review oil market developments
  • ACER publishes updated guidance to facilitate REMIT reporting
  • CEER: The view from the Market Integrity and Transparency Working Group
  • CCC2022 brings together regulators, policy makers and consumers for open and lively discussions on ways forward
  • EU Commissioner Simson presides 10th EU-China Energy Dialogue ahead of Summit
  • Fostering a sustainable hydrogen economy in China
  • Green Hydrogen in Africa: Fuelling export markets or local economic development? – REN21
  • Latest Hydrogen headlines
    • Visiting Berlin: Daimler Truck showcases fuel-cell truck and promotes development of hydrogen refueling infrastructure
    • Siemens Energy to build ‘multi-gigawatt’ hydrogen electrolyser factory in Berlin
    • Environmentalists Shouldn’t Be So Quick to Tank Blue Hydrogen
    • Vessel Propelled by Green Hydrogen Gets the Go-Ahead
    • GTI and Partners Advancing Next-Generation Hydrogen Energy Storage Technology for Clean Power
    • McDermott’s CB&I to build spheres for green hydrogen production facility
    • E.ON and TES to import green hydrogen into Germany
    • B.C. moves to streamline hydrogen projects to ensure clean energy future
    • Fertiliser maker OCI to buy up to 4GW of green hydrogen from 10GW NortH2 offshore wind project
    • ‘Small enough to move fast, big enough to lead’: oil group Cepsa eyes renewables and hydrogen
    • Iron Catalyzed Cascade Construction of Molybdenum Carbide Heterointerfaces for Understanding Hydrogen Evolution
    • [ASAP] Stop-Flow Microtubing Reactor-Assisted Visible Light-Induced Hydrogen-Evolution Cross Coupling of Heteroarenes with C(sp3)–H Bonds
    • [ASAP] Family of Well-Defined Chiral-at-Cobalt(III) Complexes as Metal-Templated Hydrogen-Bond-Donor Catalysts: Effect of Chirality at the Metal Center on the Stereochemical Outcome of the Reaction
    • [ASAP] Insights into the Effect of Sulfur Incorporation into Tungsten Diphosphide for Improved Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
    • [ASAP] Efficient n‑Type Small-Molecule Mixed Ion-Electron Conductors and Application in Hydrogen Peroxide Sensors
    • [ASAP] From Hydrogen Bond to van der Waals Force: Molecular Scalpel Strategy to Exfoliate a Two-Dimensional Metal–Organic Nanosheet
  • La Commission autorise l’acquisition du contrôle conjoint de ACC par Mercedes-Benz, Stellantis et TotalEnergies
  • Update 38 – IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine
  • IAEA: What is Nuclear Fusion?
  • COMMISSION’S VIEWS in accordance with Article 43 of the Euratom Treaty concerning the construction of the National Disposal Facility (NDF) for low and short-lived intermediate level radioactive waste near Kozloduy, Bulgaria

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