Sat. Nov 26th, 2022
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Barcelona. Photo by Walkerssk on Pixabay
  • Smart City Expo World Congress 2022: Join OASC at the EU projects zone – Open & Agile Smart Cities
  • Smart City Expo and Tomorrow.Mobility grow and inspire a new drive to the urban innovation ecosystem
  • Seoul awarded Smart City of 2022 at Smart City Expo World Congress
  • Access City Award 2023: Cordoue, Grenoble, Hambourg, Ljubljana, Mérida et Skellefteå
  • European Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022
  • A working group aimed at strengthening the Eastern Partnership region’s Smart Specialisation approach
  • North Macedonia hosted the International Conference on Smart Specialisation in the Western Balkan and Türkiye
  • Upcoming events of the Smart Specialisation Platform
  • Peer-to-peer policy workshop on the implementation of Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals (STI for SDGs) roadmaps in Czechia, Serbia and Ukraine
  • Entrepreneurial regional governance: Territorial cohesion through open innovation
  • Building the Future: Collaboration for Sustainable Transformative Innovation
  • Paphos and Sevilla are the European Capitals of Smart Tourism and Kranj is the European Destination of Excellence 2023
  • Smart Regions – a European project lets visitors discover the treasures of the Aegean and Black seas
  • Regionstars: 15 projects for 15 years
  • FAST-CARE enters into force: new flexibility in using Cohesion Policy funding
  • EU Cohesion Policy: over €66 million for cross-border cooperation with Ukraine on health, environment and administrative capacity
  • Two new Digital Europe Programme calls on mobility and smart communities – ELTIS
  • On the right path to zero-emission mobility – Eurocities
  • How today’s crises are shaping sustainable mobility – Eurocities Forum
  • The path towards e-mobility in public entities – ELTIS
  • Parking and SUMP: Using parking management to achieve SUMP objectives effectively and sustainably
  • Smart Cities and mobility innovation – MOBI Weekly
  • Vienna’s new bike-sharing service now covers the entire city
  • Barcelona’s experience with, and plans for, superblocks
  • Brussels starts to remove through traffic from its city centre
  • Global MicroMobility Market Size to Hit $6.1 billion by 2027 – Exclusive Report by MarketsandMarkets™ – GlobeNewswire
  • Further publications by ELTIS
  • Luxembourg to fund 29 new charging infrastructure projects
  • Launch of the Ambassadors for Diversity in Transport Network
  • New survey investigates gender equality in the transport sector
  • Dublin plans a new cycling network to be implemented by 2031
  • Barcelona updates its Urban Mobility Plan 2024
  • European Commission approves EUR 2 billion urban transport funding for Poland
  • Call for Sustainable Cities Climate Impact Challenge
  • Barcelona’s experience with, and plans for, superblocks
  • Launch of the Ambassadors for Diversity in Transport Network
  • Handover of grant to regulatory sandbox ‘JenErgieReal’ to foster sustainable electricity and heat supply in cities
  • EU Cities and Regions at COP27 – Committee of the Regions
  • Zero-emission Delivery Zones: A New Way to Cut Traffic, Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases
  • Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme projects showing the way at COP 27
  • Outcome of the 6th Just Transition Platform Conference of regional stakeholders
  • EUTeens4Green: application period for project proposals has been extended
  • Recent headlines regarding Quantum Computing
  • IBM and Vodafone Join Forces in Exploration of Quantum Computing Technology and Quantum-Safe Cryptography
  • IBM Unveils 400 Qubit-Plus Quantum Processor and Next-Generation IBM Quantum System Two
  • Bosch Partnering with IBM on Strategic Quantum Computing Materials Science Engagement
  • Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale Launches Quantum Computing Readiness Discovery Phase with IBM to Establish Quantum Capability in France
  • IBM Launches New Software to Break Down Data Silos and Streamline Planning and Analytics
  • Risikobewertung für Kritische Infrastrukturen vereinbart – BMI
  • BMI gibt Startschuss für das Portal IT-Barrierefreiheit
  • Digital souverän in der Cloud – BMI zur Verwaltungscloud-Strategie
  • Fraunhofer gestaltet Strukturwandel in Deutschland mit
  • Espoo and companies to test products and services that advance green transition
  • A recent report says that jobs, young people and foreign-language speakers are moving to large urban areas but this trend is not taken into account at the national level
  • Master plan information event at Iso Omena: information and discussion about the future of Espoo
  • Kristiansand kommune launches online magazine about sustainability
  • Germany and Singapore to establish a Joint Framework on Sustainability and Innovation
  • Six EU Regions and Five Japanese Prefectures start Regional Innovation Cooperation
  • Uhuru and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s national research and development institute, “KACST” have entered into a comprehensive business alliance for technology and business development related to smart city and environmental technology – Business Wire Technology News
  • Smart Cities Council launches in the UK
  • Headlines by
  • Dundee City Council launches climate dashboard –
  • Latest links to stories published by Next City
  • In Portland’s Self-Governed Dignity Village, The Unhoused Make Their Own Rules
  • In Barcelona, Kids Bike To School In Large, Choreographed Herds
  • Community Land Trusts Are Building Disaster-Resilient Neighborhoods
  • In Brooklyn, America’s Gentrification Epicenter, Building On A Model For Community Care
  • What Happened To New York City’s Internet Master Plan?
  • City Tree Biodiversity Helps Protect Urban Forests – And Our Health
  • What Google’s Sidewalk Labs Ignored About Building A City
  • Bueno Systems to Accelerate Global Engagement and Expansion with Smart Cities Council
  • Top headlines on Smart City developments
  • Building Smart Cities of the Future – Bloomberg
  • Jechtl on Smart Cities
  • What Is a Smart City, and What Does It Mean for the Future?
  • Smart city planning must work for both private business and public citizens
  • Reliance Industries subsidiary to build smart city near Gurugram
  • Things You Should Know about Neom City-(World First Smart City)
  • Nokia, Nedaa to Explore 5G Network Slicing for Smart City in Dubai
  • Lahore Smart City | Analysis of Profitable Returns | Sky Marketing
  • Nokia and Nedaa to explore 5G network slicing for smart city and public safety use
  • Busan City and Eternal Co. Ltd. come together to make Busan the world’s most secure smart city with ‘VEIN-X’

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