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Laure Chapuis-Kombos, Kitti Nyitrai

28/04/2021 Video Conferencing

Agora Energiewende

To share the results of their study on a 2040 lignite exit in the power system of the Western Balkan countries.

Laure Chapuis-Kombos

27/04/2021 Video Conferencing

Cercle des Délégués Permanents Français (CDPF)

Action européenne pour la mise en œuvre du Pacte Vert: focus sur Fit for 55 et la transition énergétique.

Laure Chapuis-Kombos

14/04/2021 Video Conferencing

Renewables Grid Initiative e.V. (RGI)

To discuss the implementation of the Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy and how the Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature’s can support this, in particular with regards to the planned “Communities of Practice”.

Kitti Nyitrai, Stefano Grassi

13/04/2021 Online

KIC InnoEnergy SE (EIT InnoEnergy)

Presentation of the H2 Green Steel project.

Helena Hinto, Laure Chapuis-Kombos

13/04/2021 Video Conferencing

European Community Shipowner’s Associations (ECSA)

European shipowners’ position on FuelEU Maritime and RED.

Laure Chapuis-Kombos, Thor-Sten Vertmann

06/04/2021 Video Conferencing

Energie Burgenland AG

To present their project “”.

Peeter Kadarik

01/04/2021 Tallinn

Eesti Energia Aktsiaselts

Potential of offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea, upcoming projects in this field for Eesti Energia and the offshore renewables energy strategy published by the European Commission in 2020.

Laure Chapuis-Kombos, Kitti Nyitrai

26/03/2021 Video Conferencing

Brunswick Group LLP
SUEZ Group

Implementation of the Green Deal; Implementation of the EU recovery plan.

Laure Chapuis-Kombos

23/03/2021 Video Conferencing

Gevo, Inc. (Gevo)

Fit for 55 package; RED II revision.

Helena Hinto, Kitti Nyitrai, Laure Chapuis-Kombos

22/03/2021 Video Conferencing

North European Oil Trade Oy (NEOT Oy)

RED II and EU-ETS revisions; Finnish NECP; The role of biofuels in the future.

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