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Interim guidance – 3 March 2021 – Updates possible

COVID-19: Vaccines


This document provides guidance about: minimum and optional data to collect as vaccines are being rolled out and delivered; key performance indicators and the anticipated use of these – to measure the performance of key components of the immunization system and to take corrective action when needed; and the use of information systems to collect, store, analyze and disseminate any relevant information.”

Among the measures of routine monitoring, the WHO names “Electronic Immunization Registries or Electronic Vaccination Cards” at the “patient-level”. By introducing the EU Digital Covid Certificate, the EU Commission has introduced an electronic vaccination card – but does not include immunization test monitoring, yet, although it should be possible to add these data to the EU’s successful certificate app.

These data could be of added value to get a more precise picture of the struggle against COVID-19, but also regarding recent cases of vaccination pass frauds, e.g. in Austria. Antibody testing and monitoring could have detected these cases earlier, making our lives safer.

Insight EU will continue to cover data issues around COVID-19 as we perceive smart healthcare data as one of the key tools to fight COVID-19 and other pandemics.

Here you can scroll the WHO guidance (as of March 2021):


Source WHO: Download (1015.4 kB)

For additional resources, please visit the COVID-19 vaccine introduction toolkit.

See also: Insight EU Dossier: Why We Need To Upgrade The EU Digital COVID Certificate

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