Tue. Jan 18th, 2022
  • Financial aid needed to ensure that those from all backgrounds can participate
  • EU students already in the UK are in particular need of assistance

To minimise the disruption created by the UK’s decision to pull out of the Erasmus+ programme, the European Commission should consider temporary aid schemes, say MEPs.

In its resolution on the future of mobility in education and training between the UK and EU, Petitions Committee MEPs argue that current and future exchanges should be boosted with temporary financial aid, particularly to ensure equal participation of those from different backgrounds. The resolution was adopted with 30 votes in favour, zero against and 2 abstaining.

Noting the positive effects of international exchanges, MEPs lament the UK government’s decision to opt out of the Erasmus+ programme. In this context, the European Commission should explore support measures that could mitigate the consequences of the UK’s withdrawal, for example a temporary aid mobility scheme for EU higher education students wishing to study and do traineeships in the UK. EU students already in the UK and facing higher tuition fees as a result of the UK’s decision are particularly in need of assistance, say the MEPs.

MEPs note that UK universities have shown interest in future co-operation with EU higher education institutions, and that the EU remains open to future partnerships with the UK. Mobility schemes and other partnerships could also be discussed in the context of the EU-UK Parliamentary Assembly, say the MEPs.