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Published 12 May 2022

On 11–12 May, Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist took part in a meeting in northern Norway with his counterparts from the other Nordic countries. The defence ministers visited the Norwegian-Russian border and discussed strengthened Nordic cooperation.

The security policy situation in the High North and the rest of Europe has gradually deteriorated and fundamentally changed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February this year. It poses new challenges to NORDEFCO, a Nordic defence cooperation established in 2009.

When the Nordic defence ministers met in Kirkenes in Norway, discussions centred around strengthened cooperation between the Nordic countries.

“In light of today’s very serious security situation, solidarity and cooperation between the Nordic countries is essential. Close Nordic cooperation is fundamental for the security of Sweden and the security in our neighbourhood,” says Mr Hultqvist.

Within NORDEFCO, ministerial meetings are held twice a year and focus on further enhanced cooperation and the latest security policy developments. This meeting took place in Kirkenes as Norway holds the chairmanship in 2022. The NORDEFCO chairmanship rotates between member states and Sweden is set to hold the chairmanship in 2022.

Source – Swedish Government

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