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Helsinki, 21 November 2022

The employment ministers of the Nordic Council of Ministers will meet in Oslo on Tuesday 22 November 2022. The Ministers will discuss an OECD research project that examines the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the Nordic labour market. They will also debate the future challenges affecting work and the ways to strengthen the Nordic working life model.

Finnish Minister of Employment Tuula Haatainen will attend the Nordic Council of Ministers’ meeting of employment ministers in Oslo on 22 November. Stefano Scarpetta, Director for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs at the OECD, will present the ministers preliminary results of a study showing that the Nordic labour market has recovered quickly from the coronavirus pandemic.

“During the coronavirus pandemic, the Nordic labour market proved its strength. The labour market has also recovered well from the pandemic. This was made possible in part by the broad support measures that the Nordic countries extended to companies and employees,” Haatainen says.

According to an OECD analysis, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on working life were felt in particular by young people and those with a low level of education. The employment rate of young people has risen especially well in Finland since the pandemic. The OECD’s final research report will be published in the spring.

New forms of business and work challenge the traditional Nordic working life model

The Nordic working life model is based on fair terms of pay and employment, rights and obligations defined in labour legislation, and the broad scope of collective agreements. New forms of business and work are challenging this traditional model. One of the challenges is a lower degree of unionisation.

“The Nordic working life model relies on broad cooperation between the labour market organisations and the government. We need to strengthen this dialogue and trust to be able to respond to future challenges,” Haatainen adds.

The ministers will discuss whether the narrowing scope of collective agreements in the private sector is a challenge to the Nordic working life model. Another topic is the importance and opportunities of Nordic cooperation in the development of the working life model.

Source – Finnish Government 

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