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Frankfurt / Main, 29 December 2021

On 3 November 2021 the European Central Bank (ECB) received a request from the Council of the European Union for an opinion on a proposal1 for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down harmonised rules on artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Act) and amending certain Union legislative acts (hereinafter the ‘proposed regulation’).

The ECB’s competence to deliver an opinion is based on Articles 127(4) and 282(5) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union as the proposed regulation contains provisions falling within the ECB’s fields of competence, in particular regarding the ECB’s tasks concerning the prudential supervision of credit institutions pursuant to Article 127(6) of the Treaty. In accordance with the first sentence of Article 17.5 of the Rules of Procedure of the European Central Bank, the Governing Council has adopted this opinion.

Full text of the ECB opinion:

Source: Opinion of the European Central Bank of 29 December 2021 on a proposal for a regulation laying down harmonised rules on artificial intelligence (CON/2021/40)

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