Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

Brussels, 3 November 2022

Call by parliamentarians for the immediate signature and entry into force of the Post Cotonou agreement

Meeting in Maputo, Members of the European Parliament and their counterparts from 78 African, Caribbean and Pacific (OACPS) countries addressed a series of crucial themes.

Among the issues discussed were the global challenges of cooperation in the fight against climate change, and the guarantee of market access by OACPS countries producing raw materials, by strengthening consumption and sustainable production. Maritime security, the blacklisting of countries in the fight against money laundering, and road safety were also discussed during the session.

Parliamentarians once again launched an urgent call for the immediate signature allowing the rapid entry into force of the post-Cotonou agreement, which offers a modernized framework for cooperation that is better adapted to current global challenges.

Carlos ZORRINHO Co-President of the EU/ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly said: “Among the countries of Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, there are different points of view and interests on how to deal with global challenges. However, thanks to our debates we have managed to establish a common awareness that only strengthened global cooperation can deal with global crises. We have taken a step forward in building trust between us, allowing us to propose to our respective countries concrete measures in the fight against climate change, the food crisis, the loss of biodiversity, terrorism and insecurity.”

Peter KENILOREA Jr, Co-President of the EU/ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly added: “This JPA session made recommendations to COP27: that developed countries must respect their current financial commitment of 100 billion dollars per year for developing countries. The challenges posed by the concrete implementation of the Green Deal in terms of access to the European market for OACPS countries producing raw materials were also discussed. The forthcoming European legislation on a carbon border adjustment mechanism, on the due diligence of companies, and on the reduction of the risks of importing into Europe products associated with deforestation, require accompanying measures and technical assistance and funding to support producers and exporters from OACPS countries.”

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