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First published 6 October 2022, updated 10 October 2022

The European Commission has approved Poland’s and EU’s largest cohesion policy programme: ‘European Funds for Infrastructure, Climate and Environment 2021-2027’. EU funding under this programme will amount to more than EUR 24.1 billion (EUR 12.9 billion from the European Regional Development Fund and EUR 11.2 billion from the Cohesion Fund).

The programme will support the transport, energy, environment, health and culture sectors. Investments in reducing energy consumption and developing renewable energy sources, in line with the European Green Deal, will help Poland reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, including by mitigating the effects of cutting off imports from Russia. The programme will also provide funding for adaptation to climate change (green areas in cities, natural water retention) and protection of biodiversity. At least 500 kilometres of roads will be built or extended under the TEN-T network, with support for the transport sector focused primarily on rail and urban transport. The largest cohesion policy programme will also cover investments in the health sector (including support for primary healthcare) and culture (preservation of historical sites and buildings and access to cultural heritage).

Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms Elisa Ferreira said:

I welcome today’s adoption of the Polish programmefor Infrastructure, Climate and Nature 2021-2027, one of the largest cohesion programmes in the European Union, with the contribution from the Cohesion Fund and European Regional Development Fund worth EUR 24.2 billion.

The programme will contribute to modernise the Polish economy and strengthen its energy security by investing in energy efficiency of buildings, deployment of renewable energy and smart grids. It will also fund a wide range of actions for climate change adaptation,modernisation of transport infra-structure, as well as invest in healthcare by strengthening outpatient specialist care and emergency services.

The second programme adopted today, Eastern Poland 2021-2027, worth EUR 2.6 billion, gives a new long-term perspective for the development of the six poorest Polish regions. It will, in particular, be tailored to assist the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Eastern part of Poland, where businesses and people are most exposed to the consequences of the war in Ukraine. The disbursements from both programmes are conditional upon the fulfilment of enabling conditions, including the application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. The Commission is in working together with the Polish authorities towards the full compliance with the Charter.”

The European Commission has also decided today to approve the “European Funds for Eastern Poland 2021-2027” programme. EUR 2.65 billion from the European Regional Development Fund will not only be allocated to the five provinces (voivodships) of Eastern Poland (Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie, Świętokrzyskie, Lubelskie, Podkarpackie) but also to parts of the Mazowieckie province (excluding Warsaw and neighbouring districts). Sectors to be supported include small and medium-sized enterprises, energy networks, adaptation to climate change, nature protection, transport and tourism.

Earlier, on 27 September, the Commission approved the ‘European Funds for the Modern Economy 2021-2027’ programme with an allocation of EUR 7.9 billion from the European Regional Development Fund. The programme will contribute to the increase in innovation of the Polish economy, e.g. by supporting the implementation of R&D results in enterprises. Funding will also be provided for green transformation of production processes in the spirit of the European Green Deal.

On 1 August, the Commission approved the ‘Technical Assistance for European Funds 2021-2027’ programme with an allocation of EUR 550 million. The programme will support the EU funds implementation system in Poland.

Sixteen regional programmes, as well as ‘European Funds for Social Development 2021-2027’, ‘European Funds for Digital Development 2021-2027’ and ‘European Food Aid Funds 2021-2027’ are still in the pipeline for Commission’s approval.


Cohesion Policy 2021-2027

Source – EU Commission

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