Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

March 26, 2022

PGE Narodowy Stadium
Warsaw, Poland

3:28 P.M. CET

Q    Mr. President, what do you think about Russia changing its strategy?

THE PRESIDENT:  I’m not sure they have.

Q    And what’s the impact of this on you, Mr. President?  Tell us about what you saw.

THE PRESIDENT:  I’ve been to an awful lot of places like this with a lot of refugee camps in my life.  And what I — what I never — I’m always surprised by is the depth and strength of the human spirit.  I mean it sincerely.  And it’s incredible.  It’s incredible.

You see all those little children?  Just wanted to — just want a hug.  They just want to say thanks.  I mean, they’re — I mean, it’s — it just makes you so damn proud.  And they’re wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

And, you know, the Ukrainian people are — each one of those children said something to the effect, “Say a prayer for my dad, for my grandfather, for my brother who’s back there fighting.”  And I remember what it’s like when you have someone in a war zone.  Every morning you get up and you wonder.  You just wonder.  You pray you don’t get that phone call.  And they’re an amazing group of people.

Q    How does this make you think of —

Q    How do you get into some of these cities like Mariupol that’s got — you know, that’s got nothing?

THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, they’ve got nothing.  I met two people from Mariupol.  It’s — it’s astounding.

Q    What were the commitments with Ukraine?

Q    What is this — I mean, you see this in your — you know, you’re dealing every day with Vladimir Putin.  I mean, look at what he’s done to these people.  What does it make you think?

THE PRESIDENT:  He’s a butcher.  That’s what it makes me think.

3:29 P.M. CET

Source: U.S. White House:Remarks by President Biden After Meeting With Ukrainian Refugees

March 26, 2022


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