Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Brussels, 7 June 2022

In the context specifically of the activation of the Temporary Protection Directive to offer immediate support to people fleeing the war in Ukraine, the Commission has set up a Solidarity Platform. This aims at coordinating support to Member States in need, and help organise the transfers of people within the EU from Member States under most pressure to Member States that have reception capacity.

As part of the comprehensive approach set out in the New Pact on Migration and Asylum, in its proposal for an Asylum and Migration Management Regulation, the Commission sets out the mechanisms to determine mandatory solidarity contributions that should be made by EU Member States to other Member States that are under migratory pressure, subject to disembarkations following search and rescue operations, or in a situation of migratory crisis. Solidarity is mandatory but flexible, as Member States choose how to contribute.

Depending on circumstances, solidarity measures can take the form of relocation of asylum applicants or beneficiaries of international protection, return sponsorship, or capacity building and operation support measures, including in the external dimension. The proposal includes a distribution key based on gross domestic product and population. The proposal does not amount to a relocation mechanism with mandatory quotas.

Source: European Commission