Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

The decision to postpone the planned Palestinian elections, including the legislative elections originally scheduled for 22 May, is deeply disappointing.

The EU has consistently expressed its support for credible, inclusive and transparent elections for all Palestinians.

We firmly believe that strong, inclusive, accountable, and functioning democratic Palestinian institutions based on respect for the rule of law and human rights are vital for the Palestinian people, for democratic legitimacy, and, ultimately, for the two-state solution.

We strongly encourage all Palestinian actors to resume efforts to build on the successful talks between the factions over recent months. A new date for elections should be set without delay.

We reiterate our call on Israel to facilitate the holding of such elections across all of the Palestinian territory, including in East Jerusalem.

The EU calls for calm and restraint from all actors at this sensitive time.

The EU continues to stand ready to work with all those involved to facilitate EU observation of any electoral process.

Source: Palestine: Statement by High Representative Josep Borrell on the postponement of the elections


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