Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Brussels, 3 June 2022

The European Commission has today published its assessment of EU action to enhance and promote health and environmental standards of imported agricultural and food products. It identifies areas for further action. The report is part of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy to promote sustainable food systems and presents the tools the EU has at its disposal to promote sustainability standards in imports.

It has been prepared at the request of the European Parliament and the Council. The EU already has a robust sanitary and phytosanitary system that ensures a high level of health protection. All food imports must comply with the strict EU sanitary and phytosanitary requirements. The report confirms that, under certain conditions, also other health and environmental standards (including animal welfare standards) relating to process and production methods may be applied to imported products. This will require a careful case by case assessment to ensure compliance with the EU’s international obligations, including WTO rules. The Commission invites the European Parliament and the Council to consider the findings of the report. The report will be presented by Commissioners Stella Kyriakides and Janusz Wojciechowski for a discussion with ministers at the AGRI Council scheduled on 13 June.

Source: European Commission – Email