Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Brussels, 2 August 2022

Today, the Commission launches two new calls for proposals in the field of sport: the EU Preparatory Action for ‘Grassroots sport programmes and infrastructure innovation’ with a total budget of €1.95 million and the Pilot Project ‘Sport for People and Planet, a new approach on sustainability through sport in Europe’ with a total budget of €1.44 million. It is the opportunity for sport organisations to identify innovative ideas as well as develop and promote new forms of practicing sport and physical activities, more aligned with the demand of citizens.

Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said: 

“I look forward to the innovative ideas that the grassroots sport movement will put forward when applying for the Preparatory Action. Through the new Pilot Project ‘Sport for People and Planet’ the Commission remains committed to Green Sport. Both calls show our willingness to encourage innovative and more sustainable ways of practising sports.” 

The Preparatory Action “Grassroots sport programmes and infrastructure innovation” aims to encourage the sport sector to improve its offer through creativity, innovation and new practices. The objectives of the new Pilot Project “Sport for People and Planet – a new approach on sustainability through sport in Europe” are to inspire EU citizens to actively participate in sustainable behaviour thanks to the communicative power of sport, its major events and leading role models. Actions supported under this project will also contribute to the implementation of the New European Bauhaus initiative. The calls for proposals are managed by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). These calls will be open until 12/10 for submission. Visit the EACEA PPPA website to consult the list of projects funded under previous Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions. 

Source – EU Commission