Fri. Sep 29th, 2023


Russia’s violent aggression against Ukraine is the worst in Europe since the Second World War. Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde announced that Sweden will increase its support to the International Criminal Court by SEK 5 million.

The war crimes in Ukraine have dramatically increased demands on the International Criminal Court (ICC). Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde pledged a SEK 5 million increase in Swedish support to the ICC in a meeting on Monday morning with ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan.

–      The alarming reports we’re receiving of executions, rape and pillaging of civilian property in Bucha and other cities suggest a pattern of systematic violations and abuses, and disregard for the laws of war. International crimes must be investigated and those responsible brought to account. The ICC needs the full support of the international community, says Ms Linde.

Sweden and the EU support the ICC as a pillar of the international architecture that was established to uphold respect for international law and the rules-based international order. Sweden is joined by 40 other States in the decision to refer the situation in Ukraine to the ICC in The Hague. The ICC Prosecutor has opened an investigation into international crimes in Ukraine.

In addition to the SEK 5 million in new support, Sweden had earlier decided on an additional SEK 2 million to the ICC after the outbreak of war. The support goes to a newly established trust fund to respond to the urgent resource needs of the Office of the Prosecutor and make it possible to effectively manage all the situations under investigation or legal proceedings.

Sweden also contributes EUR 2.5 million in support annually to the ICC. Moreover, the Swedish Prosecution Authority and the Swedish Police Authority take active measures to provide the ICC with national experts.

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