Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Sweden has chosen to intervene (participate) in two court cases concerning Russia’s responsibility for violations of international law. A case between Ukraine and Russia on allegations of genocide is pending before the International Court of Justice in The Hague. At the same time, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg is hearing an inter-state case against Russia concerning serious violations of human rights during the war in Ukraine.

“Accountability for crimes committed in connection with Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is a high priority for Sweden. Sweden has therefore chosen to participate in several of the court cases currently pending to hold Russia accountable,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde.

Sweden is a party to the Genocide Convention and has chosen to participate in the case brought by Ukraine against Russia in the International Court of Justice earlier this year. A declaration of intervention submitted to the Court today sets out Sweden’s view on the questions of interpretation raised in the case.

The inter-state case before the European Court concerns widespread and serious violations of human rights during the war in Ukraine. A key question in the case is the extent to which Russia can be held legally responsible under the European Convention on Human Rights for events on Ukrainian territory. Yesterday, the Government decided that Sweden should request leave to intervene in the case as a third party.

In both cases, Sweden will put forward positions that are in line with those of Ukraine. For Sweden, it is of fundamental importance that international law is respected, that accountability for acts of aggression is ensured and that any potential war crimes are investigated. Deliberate attacks on civilians and civilian objects are contrary to the laws of war. Human rights and fundamental freedoms apply even in wartime and must always be protected.

Source – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden

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