Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Stockholm, 23 November 2022

On 17 November, the agreement on Ukrainian grain exports was extended by four months. The agreement, negotiated by the UN and Türkiye, has facilitated the export of over 11 million metric tonnes of grain and foodstuffs from Ukraine.

The Government welcomes the renewal of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, announced on 17 November. Through the efforts of the United Nations and Türkiye, the agreement has been extended by 120 days, which means that the export of Ukrainian grain, foodstuffs and fertilizer can continue from the Black Sea ports. This is important for Ukraine’s agricultural sector and crucial in response to the ongoing global food crisis with acute risk of famine in several countries.

– The renewal of the Initiative through the efforts of the UN and Türkiye is important and welcome news. Food must never be used as a weapon of war, and Ukrainian grain must continue to reach the world in the global hunger crisis we are currently witnessing, says Johan Forssell Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade.

Since the launch of the Black Sea Grain Initiative in July, more than 11 million metric tonnes of grain and foodstuffs Ukraine have so far been exported, including to countries suffering from humanitarian crises. The agreement has also helped stabilise global food prices.

Sweden supports the implementation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative by funding the delivery of 50,000 metric tonnes of Ukrainian wheat for humanitarian purposes. The wheat will be transported to Yemen via the World Food Programme (WFP), to help avert the acute risk of famine.

Source – Swedish Government

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